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Brooke Johnson

Hi, my name is Brooke Johnson. I was born and raised in Arizona while also being part of the Navajo tribe. I was raised by a single parent and those experiences have taught me the value of hard work and how strong a person can continue to be despite hardships. 


After finding out about Codefy, I knew right away that going through this program would allow me the opportunity to find a rewarding career in the tech field. I have always had an interest in technology and being able to help people. I want to learn about UI/UX design, research and create products that improve the lives of others. With that said, I know there will be challenges ahead especially given my limited experience but strengths I take pride in are the ability to work hard and my organizational skills. In the past, I used these strengths to actively work towards personal goals and I was able to pick myself up during a time that I thought I could not do so. I hope to improve on these strengths and build new ones. Through Codefy, I look forward to learning more about software development, to achieving my goals and to continuously improve myself both personally and professionally.

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