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Amaury Matthews

Hello, my name is Amaury Matthews, and I am of Native American San Carlos Apache and African American descent. Since my birth, a huge portion of my life has been spent moving around, traveling, and relocating from place to place. I come from a single parent household, being just my mother, older sister, and I. I like to give credit and thanks to my mother; always seeing her work hard, be extremely nurturing, and going out her way for us, is truly the source of my determination and burning desire to strive for excellence. Growing up I’ve always had a strong interest in the creative arts, playing sports, and video games. I have the ability to learn quickly, I am a team player, goal oriented and attentive to detail. If there is one thing I can guarantee, it is that I will do my absolute best. With all my interests and the help of Codefy combined, I believe that I will be able to create beautiful, innovative works of art using technology that not only will help my team and organization but also be of great use to the world. 

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