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Taylor Natkong

Hello, my name is Taylor Natkong and I am Haida (Alaskan Native). I was raised by my mother primarily and grew up moving around the country. However, I’ve spent the last ten years living in the small village of Hydaburg, Alaska, which has allowed me to see all the opportunities unavailable here that my people could benefit from. This is why I gained such an interest in coding. I’ve always been interested in computers & wanted my career to be centered around helping others, but until the idea of learning to code came about, I had never thought it was possible to combine the two.

I plan on using the knowledge I gain from Codefy to further my tech career by building projects to improve my portfolio and learning more languages in order to be a better asset to my future employers. My goal is to one day have the knowledge to start offering coding bootcamps to other villages in my state to improve job opportunities for Alaskan Natives in remote communities. While I understand this is a lengthy goal, I’m willing to dedicate myself to it because I know it’s the beginning of a path towards a better quality of life for my people. 

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