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Colin Wild

Hello, my name is Colin Wild. I am part of the Cook Inlet tribe, and I was born in Alaska and raised in Arizona. I joined the Boy Scouts of America in the first grade and worked through the ranks to Eagle Scout. To get the rank of Eagle Scout, I had to put together a project to help my community and I led a small group of Boy Scout volunteers to complete it. Through Boy Scouts, I have built skills in leadership, working under pressure, and efficiency, including a short course in coding, which is how I first got interested in coding. I finished my high school education at Mesa High in Mesa, Arizona, in 2020 as part of the National Honors Society, during which I attended a class on 3D animation at EVIT that further increased my interest in programming. After high school, I worked at Kroger to help pay for my bills. Coding has always seemed like an exciting career field, and I look forward to learning about coding and software development and turning it into a career. I am excited to learn how the software we use daily functions internally and the myriad possibilities of working with code.

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