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Jonas Tran

My name is Jonas Tran, I am a member of the Navajo Nation. I was born in Tucson, Arizona, but after my mother passed, my brother took me and my siblings under his care and I grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada. We moved from house to house as times were tough for us. I ended up finishing my high school education in Maricopa, Arizona, and my family moved to Phoenix. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do for a career, so I worked at Subway to help my family with financial needs such as rent and food. Since then, I’ve worked in multiple positions for retail companies from Receiving Associate to Cashier, which has helped me build skills towards efficiency, customer service, and working under pressure. I have always been interested in game development, and I have continued exploring my hobby of 3D modeling/animation by making models and some small animations with Blender, a modeling and animation software. I believe this program would help me in defining my career goals as a programmer, and take me one step closer to being a good game designer. 

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