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Juztin Lopez

Greetings, my name is Juztin Lopez. I am Tohono O’odham and I reside on the Gila River Indian
Reservation. I have always had a mind for understanding how things work, as a child I would
love to take things apart just to see if I could put them back together. That thinking was noticed
by my teachers and mentors which eventually led up to my participation in national sciences
fairs held by the American Indian Science and Engineering Society. I then went on to compete in
a robotics competition, which involved programming robots through mazes efficiently.
Although I have always had a love for technology, whether it be video games or computers, it
was these experiences that opened my eyes to the world of computer science. I am eager to
dive in and learn more about the inner workings of software. Being a problem solver, I am
persistent in the face of any adversity or hurdles that come my way. I collaborate well with
others and go the extra mile to get what needs to be done. I played a leadership role in my
large high school percussion band, and managed others in my section. I look forward to what
the future holds and the challenges that I can overcome.

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