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Denzi Heath

Hello, my name is Denzi Heath. I am part of the Chickasaw Nation, and was born and raised in Arizona. I attended Chandler High and enrolled in several AP/advanced classes, and was also part of the National Honors Society before graduating in 2019. After high school, I decided to pursue a degree in film production at ASU. However, after attending for a semester I realized I was not quite ready. Thankfully, I had many opportunities outside of school so I eventually moved to Oklahoma, where I began working full time at a family business and lived on my own. As long as I can remember, I have been interested in computers and everything you can achieve with them. It is this interest that led me to learn how to use Adobe software to make digital media, and to also learn how to use music software such as Ableton. It is also this same interest that has now led me to the Codefy program, where I am excited to now learn how the devices we use on a daily basis function internally, and the unlimited possibilities of working with code.

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