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Xavier Betone

I am Xavier Betone, I am a 22-year-old Native American living in Phoenix. I am from the Navajo tribe, and I aspire to be an inspiration for the next generation of Natives. My pursuit for the tech industry started in high school as I took intro classes in coding and Microsoft Excel courses. I have built a PC, and playing video games, using the internet, looking at videos all have coding in it and that piqued my interest. Some goals of mine are to start a scholarship program for Native Americans to give them a chance to try and pursue their goals in life. I have 2 sisters and
an older brother, and I want to be a figure for my siblings to look up to as we never had a good person to look up to except for ourselves. I am good with time management, and having past experiences as a manager for a fast-food chain has shown me how to interact well with coworkers and customers. I am fully committed to this program and will do anything to keep my dreams and aspirations alive.

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