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CiAnna Saveka

Greetings, my name is CiAnna Sakeva and I am from Northern Arizona, specifically the Hopi Reservation. I work with the Natwani Coalition as the Program Coordinator at the Hopi Foundation. I have three years of work experience with donors and funders and have participated in a wide range of philanthropic work. I am also tasked with creating marketing material for the program. Growing up, I was the youngest of seven children, all of varying ages. Being the youngest meant that I was able to adapt quickly to the change in technology over the years. In my elementary years, I had an interest in computers and learning about how they work and function. In my senior year of high school, I took a computer science class in which I was introduced to programming and development. There, I set for myself the goal of being able to create a program to benefit a company or organization. 

As I have worked with a handful of nonprofits, I am great at communicating and establishing relationships with my partners,  donors, and funders.  Using what I know about the funders and what attracts their attention, I have created many types of media, such as film advertising, television advertising, as well as other online advertisements. Currently, I  am a part of the Codefy program, which, along with the opportunity to learn one-on-one with an instructor, has greatly impacted my knowledge and understanding of software programming. I imagine a future in the tech industry where I can develop software products for nonprofits to fundraise in innovative ways.

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