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For Nonprofits

It takes a village.

Youth from under-served communities need holistic support and a village of people who care for them and who can speak into their lives. They need caring adults who believe in them when they don't believe in themselves. They need to know that they bring value because of who they are. They are valuable assets, and our workplaces are richer and more productive because of their passion, grit and life experiences.

As a nonprofit/community partner, you will work alongside Codefy to provide housing, food, counseling and other support. We will work closely with each other to support and encourage our youth to reach their full potential.

Nonprofit/Community Partners


We would love to partner with you! Please email for more details.

"Representation matters. Growing up in my mother’s Pueblo household, I never imagined a world in which I would be represented by someone who looked like me. That might be because just over 50 years ago, Native Americans in New Mexico couldn’t vote. It also might be because when I was young, people didn’t even think girls could play sports, let alone run for office."

- Secretary Deb Haaland

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