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Student Testimonials


"Codefy has given me so much to look forward to. My dreams are so much bigger now, and I'm one step closer to accomplishing them."

- Kya Shupla

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"Sabina was an instructor like no other. She was able to go above and beyond especially during this time of a pandemic to support and encourage individuals in the program."

- CiAnna Saveka

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"I believe Sabina is one of the most hardworking instructors. She got all the resources that we needed to complete each task for us and got us our internships."

- Khalil Shupla

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"At first I thought I couldn't do it or that we were moving too fast but I stuck it out and learned to be more patient and to never give up. I would say to myself - give it your all and you'll succeed."

- Kang Kang

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"Before this program, I had no goals. I was stuck at a job I hated with no idea of what to do in outlook for the future is [now] a million times better than what it was a few months ago."

- Julian Caballero

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