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Employer Testimonials


Sam Celaya, CEO, InstantHandz


"At InstantHandz we have been very pleased with our relationship with Codefy.


    The bios we were presented with gave us confidence that we were being matched with a quality intern who had technical interests that matched our needs. As part of the internship project, our intern was tasked with providing a report on a development initiative we were undertaking. It was immediately clear that he had been well trained and prepared to take on such a task. 


    It was obvious throughout the engagement that our intern had been mentored very well, which was reflected in his communication skills and enthusiasm. He happily took on every task we challenged him with, in all parts of our organization, and excelled.


    We happily continued our business relationship with our intern, who earned a full-time position with our company. In his time as an intern he had contributed substantively to our operations and was unquestionably deserving of a role in the company.


    We look forward to having the opportunity to work with Codefy again in the future."

Eugene Portrait_edited.jpg

Eugene Cody, Data Manager, Hopi Foundation


"CiAnna [Sakeva] ’s willingness to learn is exhibited in the questions she asks. She reaches out for clarification and help. She's open to feedback regarding her work and understands the critiques given to her. Great worker."


Jo Lynn Clemens, CEO, RiskKarma

Screenshot (238).jpg

"Kya [Shupla] continues to be a phenomenal contribution to our team. She is well organized, thorough and open to learning new skills. We are fortunate to have her assistance."

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