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Delbert Lewis Jr.

Hello, my name is Delbert Lewis Jr, I am 21 years old.  I am from the Dine tribe, and grew up in Mesa, Arizona. From time to time, I would travel to the Navajo reservation, and I have seen the many hardships of residents and family members. Living with my mom has shown me that I can do anything regardless of my struggles and it’s overcoming struggles that give us the strength to be better than we were yesterday. Being a single mother, she raised me to always do my best. Growing up I have always been interested in technology and what you can do with the tools you have. Any electronics piqued my interest, I learned how something worked by taking it apart piece by piece, then putting it back together. My interest in coding started with my love for video games, hoping to create something as cool as virtual worlds. I am ready to face the challenges that are to come with learning more about code with Codefy, as well as future challenges in my time in the tech industry. To grow and be better at coding is something I strive for, to better understand computer science and make innovative discoveries. 

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