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Daniel Bejar

My name is Daniel Bejar. I am from Phoenix, Arizona, and I am 19 years old. I have always loved technology, so I tried to teach myself CSS and HTML. I immediately became interested in coding and began to search for a place where I could thrive and succeed in the tech industry and find a job I enjoyed. A non-profit organization called CPLC (Chicanos Por La Causa) pointed me to Codefy, so I quickly took the opportunity and I am now a student at Codefy. 


Learning to code has brought the clarity of mind that I longed for in a career and in life. As a child, I struggled a lot with mental health issues and never believed in myself. Coding has influenced me to ask better questions that I had never thought of asking before and has taught me that I can accomplish anything I put my mind to, whether it be a certain code or a simple task. I am currently taking courses that teach me the basics of software engineering, creating websites, Java, and database skills. My goal is to bring my unique talents and abilities to the tech industry and make my mark.

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