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Dillon Qomvi

Hello, my name is Dillon Qomvi. I am Qalwungwa/Sunforehead Clan and I come from
Soongopavi, a village in the Hopi Tribe located in Northern Arizona. I grew up with my
mother and I am the youngest of my siblings. I have lived on the reservation for most of my
As a child, I was interested in how everything worked, especially electronics. I liked
learning new things because I saw it as a way to expand my intelligence, and to use it for

my future endeavors, whatever they may be. As I grew older, I started to do more in-
depth research on some of the topics that really stuck out to me, like computers and

While there are other things I would like to expand my education on, what I noticed was
that learning about how computers work and the science behind them could really help
me, as it’s obvious that computers play a major role in almost every aspect of our modern
day lives. In high school, as I started learning about computer science, I became more
interested in technology and how I could apply it to help myself and others. I especially
want to help those who need technology and want it. I heard about this program Codefy
and was accepted through a non-profit organization. I am excited to begin and continue
my journey of learning computer programming through this program, and I am happy to
see where it can lead me in my future career.

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