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Jonathan Begay

Hello, my name is Jonathan Begay. I was born in California then moved to Arizona/New Mexico where I was raised and spent my time moving between homes on the Navajo Reservation. My time on the reservation has helped me develop a yearning and a passion for technology because of my limited experiences growing up with technology. Eventually, I moved to Phoenix for high school where I was able to pursue my passion through the wide availability of classes in the tech field. I developed a jack-of-all-trades skill involving technology where I knew a wide variety of technical skills involving Python, software development, and how to build computers but not much more than just the surface level.


Through Codefy, I am eager to develop a deeper knowledge of coding and software and turn it into a full-fledged career. I look forward to expanding my knowledge and understanding of what I already love In a growing career field. With the skills I learn, I hope to share my experience in this industry with those who may not have such an opportunity and help to better other lives through computer science.

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