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Khalil Shupla

Hello my name is Khalil Shupla, I was born and raised in Hopi and Navajo reservation.
I am living in Hopi in the Village of Paaqavi (Bacavi). I am a Hopi dry farmer. This type
of farming is a traditional way of life practice. The way of life for a Hopi is to follow the
old ways and continue practicing them, because as they say, we will all go back to
those ways. Farmers on Hopi pray for moisture for the crops to grow. I am also a
traditional person that follows our ways of life by the moon cycles.
I am currently in the software development program with Codefy. During my high
school years, I took all the classes required for construction. I am interested in this
program because I want to build software for carpentry and construction
management. I also have an uncle that is in the field of computer programming, and
he is a role model to me. I am taking the opportunity to learn the basics in
computer programming, and I am hoping Codefy will get me started in my
journey. I also want to create my own websites, and it is one of my career goals.

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