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Kya Shupla

Greetings, my name is Kya Shupla. I was born and raised on both Navajo and Hopi
Reservations, in Northern Arizona. I graduated from Tuba City High School in 2017, then
proceeded to work at a local store in Cameron, AZ, known as the Cameron Trading Post.
I’ve been very hands-on with customers, and I have been learning what it’s like to keep a
business going. I have not returned to college, and enrolling in this program is my start.
I’m the eldest of six children, and I’ve been a role model since I became an older sister.
Throughout my life, I have learned so much about child health. By being there for my mom
through her pregnancies, I have seen what nurses and midwife nurses do for their patients.
It has always warmed my heart and made me want to create software that can help in
making the children’s lives better and women safer.
I like to learn new things and explore my options. I’ve taken graphic classes in high school,
and I also took a computer class, as I enjoyed learning the basics about computers. I also
have an uncle who works in IT, and he encourages and supports me. I wouldn’t be here if it
weren’t for my family, who have continued to support me through it all. With this opportunity
I’ve been given, I’d love to see where I will go.

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