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MaKayla Phillips

My name is MaKayla Phillips. I live in Arizona, on the Hopi Reservation in Kykotsmovi
Village. I graduated from Hopi Jr./ Sr. High School in 2017 and went on to work at the Hopi
Tribe’s Education Department, where I was helping students who were looking for grants
and scholarships. I learned what it was like to work with people who were helping the
younger generation go to school.

I’m the eldest of five children, so I grew up to be a role model to my younger siblings to
show them there are good ways to living a good life. Learning and exploring new things has
brought new opportunities to further my education. Never in a million years did I think I’d
be learning about computer science, as going to school we didn’t learn much about the
basics of computers. Enrolling in Codefy is the first step to furthering my education in
Computer Science.

I enjoy working with children, and it has made me want to create software to help make
learning fun for children who have a hard time getting and learning new things. With the
support of my family and with this opportunity I’ve been given, I am looking forward to
where it will take this in the long run.

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