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Sergio Herrera

My name is Sergio Herrera, and I am from Phoenix, Arizona. I have always had an interest in entrepreneurship, and it all started in elementary school when I asked my parents to buy me candy in bulk so that I could sell it at school. By the end of elementary school, I was the go-to person for purchasing candy. In middle school, I found out about Craigslist, and when a good deal on an iPhone 4 came up, I was able to negotiate an even better price. I was able to resell that iPhone for profit, and by the end of that school year, I was buying and selling Apple products: phones, earphones, and even laptops. When I was in high school, I was fascinated by people paying above retail value for limited exclusive shoes. I woke up early on the release days of the shoes, and I was able to buy shoes that sold out minutes after the release and sell them for profit. 

At the same time, I found out about coding from a school counselor, and since then, I have been interested in pursuing a career in Software Development. I have mostly taught myself how to code through free online resources and I also attended a coding boot camp where I learned how to write applications and solve problems using Java. I was able to learn more about the software field by meeting with people in the industry. I recently joined Codefy, where I am taking software development classes to expand and solidify my programming skills. My goal is to bring my two passions together and use my entrepreneurial spirit in the software industry.

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