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Xavier Borboa

Greetings, my name is Xavier Borboa and I am part of the Hispanic community. I have always lived in Phoenix, Arizona; while being raised by an amazing single mother who showed me how to be resourceful and hardworking. At the age of 16, I valued work more than school and would go on to chase jobs rather than education but soon came to realize the value of education. After high school, I would go on to work many different jobs to find what fit me best. I enjoyed the interaction of retail but also appreciated working with my hands in construction but did not feel satisfied. I began to teach myself coding after watching someone describe the satisfaction of solving puzzles by coding, but I did not have anyone to answer the many questions I had. 


I am so glad I crossed paths with Codefy, because this experience has solidified my desire to pursue an occupation in technology. I am a fast learner, I work hard and I am confident in my endeavor of finding a fulfilling career in computer science!

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